Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun 6 month Facts!!

Peyton Grace
1. Eat's 6 oz bottle 5x/day. Every 3 hours. Probably could go 4 but I just feel like she needs it. =)
2. She eats a meal 3x/day. Breakfast=cereal/fruit, Lunch=cereal/veggie, Dinner=cereal/veggie
3. She will eat anything so far.
4. She is still on stage 1 and will be going to stage 2 soon.
5. I have actually been makin all her veggies. Fruit too much work.haha.
6. She weighed 16Ib 5oz at her 6month. Her 4month she was 15Ib 9oz so she didnt gain very much at all and not really sure why. Oh well she is healthy though. 50%
7. She was 26 inches long... 50%
8. She has a very small head... 25% Like her daddy.
9. Started crawling a week ago.
10. Once she crawled she started pulling up on things to stand up... I can't believe she is doing that already! Of course she falls afterwards..
11. Loves Elmo!
12. Wants to play with anything other than toys!
13. She has started a sippy cup. But likes to play with it more than anything.
14. I discovered that she likes bubbles!!
15. She is still breastfed!
16. Will reach up for us..
17. Did kindof wave byebye to my mom trying to immitate her. But hasnt done it again.
18. Loves Gizmo. He sure can make her laugh!
19. Everything goes to her mouth.. and still has no teeth yet. Not even a bump!!
20. Loves staying at nana's and mimi's,,, They defintely spoil her.

This girl is just getting so big and I continue to love her even more everyday!! I'm trying to take it all in and not rush it because I know oneday I will look back at this and wonder where the time went. I love being her mommy!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My little monkey!

Just thought I would post some updated pics of the littel booger! Cant believe she is almost 6 months old already! She has started food and yes I'm a big fat dork because yes I have been making my own baby food and actually its not hard at all. But so far she has had peas, squash, carrots, and greenbeans. Loves all of it so far! She will sit up on her own and is trying to crawl. Soon I'll be chasing her all over the place!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My little blessing!

Cousin Ella and her at the beach!

At the beach!

Everyone always tells you how much having a baby changes you. Well Yes it does. Can I just say how great it is to love someone so unconditionally and they love you back just the same. I can't even explain the feeling. Things that seemed to be so important to me are not at all a priority anymore. She lights up my world everyday. Having to work has been hard at times but at the same time I get to miss her and she gets to spend time with her grandparents!!I just love her sooooooo much and can't wait to have more. Although WE ARE GOING TO WAIT! =)

Here some fun facts about my baby girl who is almost 5months!
1. She eats 5x/day and takes 5-6 oz when not nursing!
2. She LOVES nursing! She weighs 15Ib 9oz and is 25 1/2 inches long..
3.She has started to like her cereal more
4. Great night sleeper 8-7am!
5. Not a good nap sleeper.. Very much a cat napper! =(
6. Smiles and Laughs all the time.
7. Watches Gizmo all the time.
8. Loves her excersaucer and jumperoo!
9. Loves to go outside!
10. Is very much a schedule baby and does not like to be out of her enviroment. She def wants to sleep in her crib.
11. Can sit up for about 10 sec before falling over!
12 Always has poop explosions.. Guess b/c of the breastmilk..
13. Oh yay dare I say it but spitting up is a ton better and she is off her zantac.
14 Her eyes keep getting bluer and bluer!
15. She makes this poutty lip face all the time.
16. Cant go without her pacifer!
I'm Just so in love with her!! I fell so blessed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Almost 3months!!!

So hard to believe that my little angel will be 3months on the 1st!! She is the most laid back baby. So she is def like her daddy b/c I'm not laid back at all. She started smiling at almost 6weeks. And just melts my heart. I finally got it on camera!! She is a good little sleeper for the most part.. She started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. She goes down about 830 or 9pm and sleeps till almost 6 and feeds and then will go back to sleep till 8 and sometimes 9!! Naps are a different story.. There so erratic. And she will nap anywhere but her crib. As soon as you lay her down she is wide awake!! I'm not to concerned since she sleeps well at night!!! Oh yeah she rolled over from her tummy to back earlier in the week!! I just wanted to give a little update on her .. Oh yeah I go back to work monday and I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL!! Luckily I do have plenty of family to keep her but still!! I want to be there for everything!! I know I will be fine I just have to get back in the routine again but man it's weird having to go back after being gone for 12 weeks!!! Pray for me!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peytons Arrival.

So I know this is 3 weeks late now but just have not had the time to post! So we went in at 530am to only get my iv started!! My day shift nurse came in and said it my be awhile to get my pitocin started due to her other patient in active labor. I was fine with that but felt why get her so early not to get anything starte then. Well, my doctor came at 815 and broke my water (and gross might I add). Thought I kept peeing on myself! I did start having contractions once it was broken and I was 31/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced at this point. About 9am they started my pitocin and the contractions started. My they hurt!!! I wanted my epidural 30min into it but felt like a wus if I asked for it already. So I waited till 10am and finally couldnt take it. So my nurse checked me and I was 6cma nd 90% effaced. My goodness I couldnt believe I dilated that fast. So they bumped me up to first on the list of epidurals considering how fast I was going. I'm glad I asked for it then. So I finally got it around 1030. At 11 I was still 6. Well, They had to put more medicine in my epidural because I could still feel it on my right stomach and once they did I could not even move my left leg. I asked the nurse if this was ok and she came and could not find the heartrate. So she checked me and well!!! She was there ready to come out. This was at 1230!! So they go the doctor called and I began pushing aroud 1pm. Her heartrate kept dropping to the 80's (the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck) so my doctor told me If I didnt get her out in the next couple of contractions she was gong to have to use the suction thing.. So I just pushed with all my might and got her out at 117pm..

She was 7Ib 9oz and 20 inches long

She has a reddish hugh to her hair!!

The whole experience was just incredible!! I had a great pregnancy and a great birth!!! I just love her to death.

Here are some pics from that day!!

The next am with my precious girl!!

Right after giving birth and getting to our new room!!
Our new little family!!

Waiting on her to come!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

April 1st baby!

So just a quick update! After about three weeks not much has changed I'm 3cm and still 50% effaced. Which is fine with me. I am being induced on wed and I kindof like that so I can have everything planned. We go in at 530 wed morning and they will start my pitocin and break my water around 8-9am.. I'm just so excited.. Friday was my last day of work and I can't even tell you how great that felt. So the next 2 days I plan on cleaning cleaning cleaning my house. So just keep us in you prayers that everything goes well on wed and we have us a happy healthy baby girl!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update!!

Well we went to the doctor for our 36 week visit and when they checked me I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. The plan has been for a while to induce me April 1st so I will definitely be ready for that but she might try to come early. I didnt realize it but now I know I have been having braxton hicks for about a week now. I had to work 3rd shift last night and I had alot of them. Who knows I could walk around for another 4 weeks like this or maybe she will come early. I'm hoping she will at least hold out another week so I can finish one of my classes I'm in and take my midterm and then she is free to come!!! It's quite exciting though.Now I'm like oh gosh an I really ready do I have what I need? =)

Pray for my little doggie. He went today to bo neutered (have no idea how to spell that). I'll keep ya updated.

Oh yeah you can go to and see one of our maternity shots that monica did!! I havent seen the rest of them yet but I really like this one!!