Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peytons Arrival.

So I know this is 3 weeks late now but just have not had the time to post! So we went in at 530am to only get my iv started!! My day shift nurse came in and said it my be awhile to get my pitocin started due to her other patient in active labor. I was fine with that but felt why get her so early not to get anything starte then. Well, my doctor came at 815 and broke my water (and gross might I add). Thought I kept peeing on myself! I did start having contractions once it was broken and I was 31/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced at this point. About 9am they started my pitocin and the contractions started. My they hurt!!! I wanted my epidural 30min into it but felt like a wus if I asked for it already. So I waited till 10am and finally couldnt take it. So my nurse checked me and I was 6cma nd 90% effaced. My goodness I couldnt believe I dilated that fast. So they bumped me up to first on the list of epidurals considering how fast I was going. I'm glad I asked for it then. So I finally got it around 1030. At 11 I was still 6. Well, They had to put more medicine in my epidural because I could still feel it on my right stomach and once they did I could not even move my left leg. I asked the nurse if this was ok and she came and could not find the heartrate. So she checked me and well!!! She was there ready to come out. This was at 1230!! So they go the doctor called and I began pushing aroud 1pm. Her heartrate kept dropping to the 80's (the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck) so my doctor told me If I didnt get her out in the next couple of contractions she was gong to have to use the suction thing.. So I just pushed with all my might and got her out at 117pm..

She was 7Ib 9oz and 20 inches long

She has a reddish hugh to her hair!!

The whole experience was just incredible!! I had a great pregnancy and a great birth!!! I just love her to death.

Here are some pics from that day!!

The next am with my precious girl!!

Right after giving birth and getting to our new room!!
Our new little family!!

Waiting on her to come!!