Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun 6 month Facts!!

Peyton Grace
1. Eat's 6 oz bottle 5x/day. Every 3 hours. Probably could go 4 but I just feel like she needs it. =)
2. She eats a meal 3x/day. Breakfast=cereal/fruit, Lunch=cereal/veggie, Dinner=cereal/veggie
3. She will eat anything so far.
4. She is still on stage 1 and will be going to stage 2 soon.
5. I have actually been makin all her veggies. Fruit too much work.haha.
6. She weighed 16Ib 5oz at her 6month. Her 4month she was 15Ib 9oz so she didnt gain very much at all and not really sure why. Oh well she is healthy though. 50%
7. She was 26 inches long... 50%
8. She has a very small head... 25% Like her daddy.
9. Started crawling a week ago.
10. Once she crawled she started pulling up on things to stand up... I can't believe she is doing that already! Of course she falls afterwards..
11. Loves Elmo!
12. Wants to play with anything other than toys!
13. She has started a sippy cup. But likes to play with it more than anything.
14. I discovered that she likes bubbles!!
15. She is still breastfed!
16. Will reach up for us..
17. Did kindof wave byebye to my mom trying to immitate her. But hasnt done it again.
18. Loves Gizmo. He sure can make her laugh!
19. Everything goes to her mouth.. and still has no teeth yet. Not even a bump!!
20. Loves staying at nana's and mimi's,,, They defintely spoil her.

This girl is just getting so big and I continue to love her even more everyday!! I'm trying to take it all in and not rush it because I know oneday I will look back at this and wonder where the time went. I love being her mommy!!