Friday, December 5, 2008

My week

Well, I had to work sunday but that is it. I was off last thursday-sat and now I'm off again from mon-mon.. Wow!! It has been nice. We were suppose to go to charleston for the week for our 2 year anniversary. Well because of school I had a test on wed and she would not let me make it up or take it early. So stuck here!! We will use the week another time!

Well, with all my time I have gotten up everyday about 730.. Arent I suppose to sleep in????? I finished my christmas shopping, sent our christmas cards out, cleaned, spent lots of time with my mom shopping for Peyton, regisitering for her also.. Any many more things. First I must just say Thanks to Summer for letting me know about the great sale I went to for baby clothes. I got Peyton some of the cuttest smock dresses. I got her christmas outfit for next year and easter dress. and of course a few more things. I wanted to buy everything. Oh yea I also went to this childrens store of Hwy 9 (Tickled Pink) and on their sale rack had a cute blue smock dress on sale. Guess how much I paid for it $4!!! Thats right I was sooo excited..But that was about the only thing on sale everything else was still like $50. I just can't see myself paying that! I did go to another place and they had a orange Clemson dress. Yeah it was like $58. nope I dont thing sooo...

Anyway, I have ordered my furniture and going to start painting this week and hopefully by the end of January once everything is in I will have a beautiful nursery set up..

I go to the doctor next wed and I'll be 23 weeks. I'll update on that then. She moves around like crazy and I think she dances on my bladder at times. =) But pregnancy so far has really been wonderful and I have no complaints so far. I'm just so happy and thankful to God for this wonderful miracle of life he has blessed me with.