Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our holiday extravaganza!!

We had such a great christmas! I ended up off for 5 days in a row and I dont know how that happened. I did have to be oncall christmas eve day but did not get called in. Well last weekend was spent finishing up christmas shopping and having my cousin and her family over for lunch on sunday.

Christmas eve we go to Drew's grandparents house in greenville and spend time with the 40 plus family there on his moms side. Drew is the oldest of 15 grandkids. It is so fun to go there and see everyone. I would love to have a huge family like this one day. I don't know what could be better. We stayed there from 12-6 and then off to my uncles house for christmas with my mom side of the family. It was great. We finally have a baby around. Steph my cousin has a 11 month old girl Brianna. She was the highlight of the evening. We were there till 1015 and went home and Drew and I opened our presents to one another. We went to our church service at 1130 that was great by the way. We went to bed really late and our dog was so hyper that I hardly sleep due to him driving me crazy since he had been home cooped up allday by himself.

Christmas morning we cooked breakfast and my parents, papa, and brother came. I straightened up a bit and got ready and headed towards cowpens area to spend christmas with Drew's dad and his family. From there we came back to spartanburg and had christmas at my parents and my dads side of the family.

All in all christmas is my most favorite time of the year and I LOVE IT. We were so blessed and very thankful for all we received.

I will have to post pics soon!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas at our house!!

Here are some pics of our house decorated for christmas. I can't believe its almost here. I had so much fun decortating though.

Sorry for the sideway photos I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Just turn your head though!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a Gizmo LIfe!!!

Here are some pics from Gizmo's christmas pictures. He just loves christmas. I think he was tired afterwards :) I know, I know, I talk bunches about my dog but we have no kids and he is all I have to brag on at the moment :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random things!!

Well, I can't believe that thanksgiving is over. I unfortunalty had to work. Thanksgiving was my holiday. Wasnt too bad. I did get to eat dinner with my family when I got off. The next day I cleaned my house head to toe (no I did not go shopping). I felt my house needed cleaning more. We then went and got our christmas tree and decortated our house. I will have to post some pics soon. Then we hung out with Drews aunt and uncle and his three cousins that are around our age. We fried a turkey and it was just so much fun.

Im getting excited because school is almost over. HORRAYY!!! Maybe I can enjoy life a little more now :)

My good friend Amy from work and church just found out she is pregnant. Im so excited for her.

I am so happy Im off for 6's day now. Thats right 6 days. I dont go back till next wednesday. Then I only work 3 day and off again another 5 days. I can get some things done now!!!!!!!

Our One year wedding anniversary is this sunday. I can't believe it has been a year. We have now been together for about 61/2 years. I still learn something new from him everyday. I can't wait to just spend the weekend with him!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the cold christmas weather.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I'm most THANKFUL for!!

I very rarely get to blog much so I missed thursday thirteen and its way to early to post this weeks so here are some things I'm so Thankful for.

1. My increasing relationship with God. It grows stronger and stronger every week. Without God and prayer my like would mean nothing.

2. My incredible husband and best friend. Drew is amazing and Im so thankful for all his support and humorous personality.

3. My Parents. They have taught me so much and still are. I love them so much.

4. My brother and his girlfriend Breeann. They are so fun to hang out with.

5. Our new found church. We joined Anderson Mill Baptist Chruch back in June. We absolutly love it. It has made my husbands and I relationship even better. Having Godly people surronding you is very encouraging.

6. Spreading God's word to our 3 year old sunday school class. It amazes how much they remember. It makes you feel good that you have taught something so good.

7. My job. Yeah I can complain about having to work so much but I'm just thankful to have one because there are many that dont.

8. Our cute little house. It's nice to come home to food, water and shelter. Something that too often is taken for granted and I'm guilty of that.

9. My many mistakes I have made in the past. Without mistakes there would be no room to grow and learn.

10. My sweet Gizmo. My dog is such a blessing. I have never had anyone so happy to see me every single time I walk through the door :)

11. Im very thankful that me and my husband have prayer time everyday. Im blessed that we can sit down together and pray.

12.Ok. Haley Im going to have to use one of yours but until this year and having my own house and yard I have to say Im thankful for water. Without it my yard looks horendous.

13. Im thankful for the many friends I have. Especially Lisa, Amy, Stephanie, and Terri (yeah I know its usually online but I feel like we live next door) :) Lisa has been my rock for many years actually since kindergarteen. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life.

14. The abilitly for freedom of speech.

15. Im so thankful for mine and my families health. You never realize how blessed you are until something is taking away from you.

16. Im very blessed to celebrate thanksgiving and christmas with the ones I love.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy Life!!!

Its been so long since I have blogged. I just have not had the time to do so. Sorry Terri!!! :) Well, things have been great around the Kellett house the last couple of weeks. I was so happy to get my house cleaned on Friday. I know its sounds funny but I just cant be happy if my house is not mopped, dusted, basically head-to-toe clean. Well after two weeks I finally was able to complete my task. We had a good weekend this week. Also I only had to work 3 days this week and that is always a plus. Friday Drew did not have to work so we had to go to Grenville so Drew's grandpa could take some x-rays of my teeth (he is an orthodontist). He is retired and sold his practice but he still sees family once a month. Well, good news is I only have 2 molars that need to be removed. But who has the time to get this done. This might have to wait till next year. Bad news was he said I probably need braces. WHAT!!! I have never had braces and now at 24 I do not want them. There not terrible but he thinks my bottom teeth will get worse in the future. He was ready to set the date for them. But I don't think I'm ready. I have two weddings I'm in next year and I don't want to see those pictures the rest of my life with a mouth full of braces. I guess that will be one of my next year projects too. I need to get them done soon while he is still working and its free.

Friday night we went to dinner at Brix in Grenville with my bestest Lisa and her John. We have not hung out with them in weeks. It was so great seeing them and spending time with them. Congrats to them for buying there first house. It is so cute!!

Saturday was a work day. It wasn't too bad. I'm dreading this Saturday when I work from 7pm to 7am and I have to stay up so we can teach SS. I better sleep all day on Saturday. Its also Drew's birthday Sunday. He will be 26!!!!

On Sunday we went to big church and then our SS. Afterwards we ate lunch with our care group at Shoguns. I'm not a fan of Shoguns at all. It was really expensive and not good at all. I would much rather go to Kanpai or Myabis. Anyway, we came back home and I took a nap while Drew watched football. My brother Nathan and his girlfriend came over and they cooked for us and it was so good. Well, actually it was Breann who did all the cooking. I just love her to death and I hope that they end up together. We then watched a scary movie. It was The Hills Have Eyes. DON'T WATCH IT. It was horrible. Very disturbing and very unrealistic. It was just fun spending time with them. We tend to do a lot of that with them. Last weekend they stayed with us all weekend and we did nothing but go out to eat. Which brings me to this. I am starting to eat healthier. Not really a diet but just eating better and exercising. Drew and I have decided this together. I hope we can stick to it. For some reason as soon as we got married I guess I thought I could just eat whatever and well I did. I hope I can stick with it.

This week I'm stuck writing a paper. Anyone want to right it for me?:) I'm just so ready for school to be over with. I also probably wont be starting will next spring at Clemson now. I went to my counselor there and she told my two more classes I needed that she didn't tell me before. Very frustrating especially since I cant go full time to school and work. I'm ready for this dream to be over with.

I'm so excited about this weather. We accidentally left our air on last night and it was freezing when I woke up this morning. It was 65 degrees in our house. I'm ready for the holidays coming up.

I do have a prayer request and a praise. My dad just got a new and better job that he starts in 3 weeks. My dad has always worked 60+ hours a week. That is what a general manager for a restaurant has to work. Well, needless to say all of our life he has always had to work on Sundays. This new job he get paid more and works less (he might go crazy though). He also has Sundays off. My mom is so excited. They will be in search for a church and I'm hoping they will join us. Just pray for my dads transition into this completely new field and that they find a church that they enjoy.

Have a great week. Especially you my Terri!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Weekend GONE

Well, Its sunday night and the weekend is gone. Lukily I did not have to work. Friday I slept until like 5pm. Of course, I worked a 12 hour shift the night before and didnt get home until 8am. It was a very slow night. I also got to work with one of my favorites making the night go by fast. Needless to say I was wide awake to do something friday night. Drew and I went to Wild Wings and then meet my cuz and her husband and baby for dinner. I love wings!!! I actually started getting tired again. I couldnt believe it. I hate when I have to work nights. It just screws up my whole schedule. We had lots of fun with them and baby Brianna was just precious. After dinner we were stuffed and came back home.

On saturday Drew is coaching upward football at our church and he had a game at 11am. His team did not win AGAIN. Allthough he keeps saying how they dont take score anyway. Bless him! I was a little bummed on saturday. I was on call and Drew got to go to the Clemson game with his dad. So a whole saturday all to my lonesome self. Ok, it wasnt that bad. I actually can get more done at times when hes not around. I had so much school work to do anyway. I studied and wrote one of my papers. Yeah!!!! I cleaned some too. That night my mom came over. I hate staying by myself and needless to say something freaked me out and I had to call her. What a great mom I have didnt even have to ask her, she offered. Well my brother and his girlfriend came over to stay the night so then my mom got to go home. Finally my husband came back to me about 1am. I was relieved and finally could sleep with my hubby with me.

Sunday we got up early and went to Ingles so I could pick up the snacks for our three year old sunday school class. Man, they sure were fussy today. Drew and I were teaching them about Thou Shalt not Steal. Well I incoporated about how God wants us to share our toys. Nobody wanted to share. They were very whiny. I had one little boy though the went around with his car toy saying "Here I share, God wants me too". I was so amazed he actually listened to what I said. Drew and I are very happy we started doing this. My husband is also going crazy wanting a child of his own. Our whole grownup sunday school class have kids. Speaking of our own Sunday School class we have something called focus on the family every week where a couple stand in front of everyone and tell about themselves. Our groups has gotten so big its hard to meet everyone. Well today was our day. Needless to say everyone and their momma decided to come. It wasnt too bad. Drew very funny and make me feel at ease. After church we went to target and then Pizza Inn. Came home both took a nap. We then went to see the house hes building. I absolutley love it and I want to live in it :( Its still just being framed so it has a while to go. We went to brewsters and got me a bannana split, went to publix to get some things and came back home.

The weekend goes by so fast. Coming up out of 9 days I have 1 day off :( I dont know how that happened. Not looking forward to it but good money anyway. Please keep us in your prayers for my being stressed out with work and trying to do this school thing again. Also with Drew and his first house his building. He has allready had to fire some people. Please pray we find a buyer for it sooner rather than later.

Oh I just wanted to brag on my hubby real quick. Last wednesday when I go off of work I came home to fall decor in my yard. He had bought two pumpkins and placed in front of our bradford pear and planted orange and white pansies. Also when I walked in no light but candles were lit all through the house. He cooked steaks and crabcakes from the fresh market along with getting some of my fav desserts from there. It was very sweet and romantic and we really needed that.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 28, 2007

After it has been forever since Ive wrote my own blog on here. I found time today to do so. Life is so busy and Im ready for it to settle down. Whenever that might be. So here is a list of things Ive done this week.

1. My husband and I went to church on Sunday and taught our Sunday school class to 3 year olds. It such a blessing to spread the word of God to little ones. You think they wont remember but they do. Its just so sweet when I ask them who Jesus is they all say God. Drew and I are so blessed to have an opportunity to do this every other week. We absolutly love it!!

2. We then went to our grown up Sunday School class. Slowly but surely we are learning everyones names. We love it though. We have some good friends that are in there with us.

3. I have allready worked two days this week and I have to work this whole weekend.:( Im not looking forward to it at all. I also feel bad for mising church. Too bad the hospital cant close for the day:),

4. My husband and I watched a movie the other night (Knocked Up). It was really funny and nice to just sit there and yes in our bed. It was so relazing.

5. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Sunday night we had my family over and celebrated my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary. It was so great to see a marriage last this long allready.

Happy 25th Anniversary!!

6. Cleaned our house from head to toe. It really needed it.

7.Studied, Studied and did some more Studying. Not Fun!!

8.I ate probably a whole chocolate cake. Not kidding. After my parents left sunday night they said to leave it and well I took care of the rest.

9. I went to school tuesday night for some stupid computer class. I think I know how to use a computer!!!!!

10. On one of my days off I got to sleep in to like 10. It was so great. Usually when I work I have to get up around 5:30am because I have to be at work at 6:45am.

11. I have not cooked one thing this week:( Im not the greatest cook but I at least try. My husband loves cooking so when he can he likes to do it so I usually just let him.

12. We ate at Jasons deli this week. I love it there. I could eat there everyday.

13. Today I plan on cleaning again and doing laundry. Also I have to start writing my paper. Then off to work for three days in row.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weather: Fall, I love it!

I absolutely LOVE this weather. I wish it was like this all year long. Even though I did not get out in the cool weather much it was still wonderful. Drew and I today went to lowes after church and bought some white mums and put in our two planters beside our door. They look so pretty.We tried to find white and orange petunias to plant along in our walkway but we found NO orange petunias :( Im ready for the leaves to start changing. I finally ordered me some long sleeve shirts from Victorias Secret. I cannot wait to get them in.

School has been crazy this week. So many papers and tests. Sometimes I wonder what was I thinking. However I do have good news. Word on the street at work is they will giving a 3 dollar raise to those who have there bachelors degree. Im way excited about that. In the past there has been no pay diff betwee nurses with there associate and bachelors. I knew there was a reason to go back to school. I dont know this for sure or when it will take effect but I repeat im EXCITED!

Drew and I pretty much ate out all weekend long. No wonder I cant loose weight! Well on thursday night we went and had dinner with my cousin, her husband, and their baby Brianna. Steph is like my sister and we have always been close. However I had not seen them since july4th. I was so excited to spend time with them and my little neice. yeah I call her this. I was a little sad because she has gotten so big. She is 8month now and I could just eat her up. She is such a gorgeous baby and happy one at that. It makes me more ready to have my own. Natalie not yet is what I have to keep telling myself. I stay stressed enought with school and work.

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

GOD is Great

You know I pray all the time and thank God for the health I have. I guess working in healthcare and especially with the type of patients I care for there I really see what goes wrong. I stay constantly worried about things. I worry if I call Drew and he doesn't answer right away. I think what it he has been in a accident. I know its crazy I can't keep worrying about these things. I am a true believer that things do happen for a reason. So why can't I stop my worrying? I worry about my parents health all the time. Making sure they are eating right. Im scared to death of something bad happening to them. I can take care of people all day long but when it comes to my loved ones its a different story. I thought of this today as I had a patient who was going to have to go to charleston for surgery on her anuerysm in her head. She told that God is Great and that she was going to be fine and she was going to come out of surgery feeling great. I had such admiration for this woman. Her realtionship with God let her feel at ease and she knew she would be ok.

I am so thankful for my heath and God is Great and has blessed me in more ways than I can explain. This woman today made me think that I do not need to be as worry-some as I am sometimes. My husband tells me this all the time. Its funny at dinner time when we pray Drew always pray's for me to be less stressed. So today I will use my faith in God, because why should I spend my life worrying on these things. Because all things happen through God for a reason.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Weekend

I love the weekends. Especially when I don't have to work. I guess thats the down side to working in the hospital is that is can't close on the weekends. Oh how I wish it could though! I did have to work on friday and when I got off my husband picked up pizza from pizza inn and we stayed in and watched t.v together. I love just sitting around the house together. Saturday we both got up and went to the gym (something I need to do more often). Then I went with Lisa my bestest to look for a bridesmaid dress for us to wear in her wedding next may. We had a blast with it just being us girls. That doesn't happen often now days. Luckily I believe we have found the one she wants. We also had lunch at the mall. I took a nap when we got back and then got up to have my brother and his great girlfriend over. We grilled out and watched some fight show. Needless to say I found myself very tired and feel asleep through it. Nate and his girlfriend stayed the night with us. Today, Sunday I spent the morning time with my hubby. Yeah I felt bad because we didnt go to church :( Nate and his girlfried came over again and are going to stay the night with us. We are going to watch a movie! Yeah Im so excited its been so long since Ive watched a movie. Needless to say its been a great weekend hanging out with my hubby and brother and his girlfriend.

Sad note: We did not get to go to the clemson game :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

13 Reasons why I love FALL

I am so sick of summer. I think because I haven't really been able to enjoy it. Its too hot to do anything other than lay out at the pool and yet who has time for that. Im so excited for fall to be here. Here are some of my favorites that I love about fall time.

1. I love the smell of leaves burning.

2. Football season is here. That means GO TIGERS.

3. It means Christmas is just around the corner. ( I love that time a year and I guess thats why I had a christmas wedding.

4. Snuggling with my hubby on the coach with the gas logs going. This will be our first fall together in our new house.

5. The beautiful shades of ORANGE, and red.

6. Wearing my favorite pair of jeans and long sleeves. I can't wait for this. Which I need to buy some new jeans I dont think I will fit into my ones from last year. :(

7. Fall festival at church and trunk r treat. This will be our first year going to our new church's activities.

8. Im ready for it to get dark earlier. ( buy january Ill be ready for it to change back).

9. Going to the mountains for just the day and taking Gizmo. We just have so much fun!

10.OH yeah did I mention CLEMSON FOOTBALL. I just had to put that in there again.

11. Halloween is just another holiday that I can find a reason to eat candy and more candy. (preferably chocolate).

12. I love going to haunted houses. Even though they scare me to death. I will still go.

13. Last but not least. Drew and I will have been together for 6 years Sept 18th. Another reason to celebrate and go to a fancy dinner.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My favorite Wedding Memories

It just seems like so long ago we were married. I just like to relive those times everyday. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy

so happy to be going to mexico.

My bestest lisa catching the bouquet!

so we think we can dance.

can't have a wedding without a clemson garter!

The cutting of our red velvet cake.. yummy!

Our first dance.

My best friend.

The ceremony was more than I ever dreamed of.

My little flower girls were precious and just so beautiful!
My bridesmaids. I just love all of them..
I love this pic with both our hands and the back of my dress.

My first blog

This is my first blog ever. After being a frequent visitor to others sites I have decided to start my own. I talked with my friend Terri and both aggreed we need yet another online why of communicating (haha). Im excited about starting this and keeping up with old friends and hopefully to encourage more to join. If you dont know me Im a graduate of Byrnes High School and then went straight to Greenville Tech where I received my degree in nursing. I have worked at Spartanburg Regional in the Neuro-trama ICU for 4 years now. I absolutly love it. I love saving people's lives and giving chest compressions. I know it sounds crazy but I get such an adrenaline rush. Im a fast paced person so Im definitly in the right place. After getting married last december, I have decided to go back to school and get my bachelors from clemson. I must say my husband and I are so ready to have a baby but we know its just not the time. School is good birth control. I can't wait for the day to become parents but for now Im enjoying my time with my sweet husband. My husband is in real estate and also is a residential builder. He is building his first house in reidville and so if anyone needs a house please buy his. Have a great day all!