Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too busy to blog!

Well, I have just not had the time to blog lately. I read up on everyones but just haven't sat down to give it time. Well I have been busy over the last two weeks. I gave a shower and have been to two. Last weekend I went to charleston with some of my girlfriends. Luckily it wasnt rainy and we enjoyed our day on the beach on saturday. I have worked a good bit this past week along with settling up with my classes and studying for exams that are this week :(

Drew was out of town on a mens golf retreat with our church from wed to sat. Oh how I missed him. We have hardly seen each other since I was out of town then worked then he was gone. I'm such a baby when it comes to staying by myself. Well, lets just say I did stay with my parents the first two nights which was nice and reminded of old times. However, friday night after our Sunday School class cookout I decided I was going to wing it since I did have to work on sat. Guess what nobody got me :() I know I know. I always here noises and think someone is trying to get in. I survived though!! I got to get off work early on sat and was home by 4pm. Drew had just got there. He was exhausted and we laid down for a little bit until finally I just had to GET OUT. We had a date and went and ate dinner at Logan's. We also went to Mr.Knickerbocker to find some baby Clemson stuff. Oh its killing me not to know what were having. I want to buy stuff soooooo bad.

Oh speaking of baby. Yeah, we had our first ultrasound about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We got to hear the heartbeat and it was just soooo amazing. How can something that tiny even have a heartbeat. Well, while we were there the decided to change my due date :( It's Dec 5th now. Hopefully this baby will come a little before then.Still I havent been sick. I definitily have been more tired especially after 12 hours of work. Please continue to pray for us and this little one.....

Off to another busy week of work and school. Then three more showers this weekend! Hope everyone has a great week..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess who is Pregnant??


This has been a very hard secret to keep ladies for those of you that dont know allready. This my be two much info but I just have to say I must be very fertle!!! We were trying to wait to tell people until I was like 10 weeks but um NO that didnt happen. Its just so hard when your so excited about something.I had my first doctors appt this past friday and everything went great. I go back in about a week to have my first ultrasound. I'm about 7 weeks. Drew is soooo excited. He kisses my belly everyday. I'm so ready to decorate a nursery. I have allready been looking at things. Our families are sooo excited too. This is the first grandchild on both sides and first great granchild too.

I'm so excited but please keep us in you prayers that this will be a healthy baby. Also another good thing is I have been feeling great. No sickness! I hope it stays this way. I almost dont believe that I am pregnant.

Oh yeah. The baby is due November 29th. Thanksgiving baby :) Yeah I have my holidays off!!!!!