Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I'm most THANKFUL for!!

I very rarely get to blog much so I missed thursday thirteen and its way to early to post this weeks so here are some things I'm so Thankful for.

1. My increasing relationship with God. It grows stronger and stronger every week. Without God and prayer my like would mean nothing.

2. My incredible husband and best friend. Drew is amazing and Im so thankful for all his support and humorous personality.

3. My Parents. They have taught me so much and still are. I love them so much.

4. My brother and his girlfriend Breeann. They are so fun to hang out with.

5. Our new found church. We joined Anderson Mill Baptist Chruch back in June. We absolutly love it. It has made my husbands and I relationship even better. Having Godly people surronding you is very encouraging.

6. Spreading God's word to our 3 year old sunday school class. It amazes how much they remember. It makes you feel good that you have taught something so good.

7. My job. Yeah I can complain about having to work so much but I'm just thankful to have one because there are many that dont.

8. Our cute little house. It's nice to come home to food, water and shelter. Something that too often is taken for granted and I'm guilty of that.

9. My many mistakes I have made in the past. Without mistakes there would be no room to grow and learn.

10. My sweet Gizmo. My dog is such a blessing. I have never had anyone so happy to see me every single time I walk through the door :)

11. Im very thankful that me and my husband have prayer time everyday. Im blessed that we can sit down together and pray.

12.Ok. Haley Im going to have to use one of yours but until this year and having my own house and yard I have to say Im thankful for water. Without it my yard looks horendous.

13. Im thankful for the many friends I have. Especially Lisa, Amy, Stephanie, and Terri (yeah I know its usually online but I feel like we live next door) :) Lisa has been my rock for many years actually since kindergarteen. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life.

14. The abilitly for freedom of speech.

15. Im so thankful for mine and my families health. You never realize how blessed you are until something is taking away from you.

16. Im very blessed to celebrate thanksgiving and christmas with the ones I love.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!


Terri said...

YAY, you blogged!!!! I miss when you blog! I know you are very busy so I am always so happy to read your posts whenever you do have time! Your list of blessings is very good and I am so glad that you included me in it! I, too, am so blessed to have you as my friend! And you're right, even though we communicate mainly online,it seems as if we are closer than a lot of people I actually see! (we are gonna see each other soon though, right?! we gotta get some plans made!!!) Love ya lots and hope y'all have had a great weekend!!

The Dale's said...

I know you aren't talking about me but I am gonna totally pretend you are! :) hahaha! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!