Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update!!

Well we went to the doctor for our 36 week visit and when they checked me I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. The plan has been for a while to induce me April 1st so I will definitely be ready for that but she might try to come early. I didnt realize it but now I know I have been having braxton hicks for about a week now. I had to work 3rd shift last night and I had alot of them. Who knows I could walk around for another 4 weeks like this or maybe she will come early. I'm hoping she will at least hold out another week so I can finish one of my classes I'm in and take my midterm and then she is free to come!!! It's quite exciting though.Now I'm like oh gosh an I really ready do I have what I need? =)

Pray for my little doggie. He went today to bo neutered (have no idea how to spell that). I'll keep ya updated.

Oh yeah you can go to http://parkkonenphotography.blogspot.com/ and see one of our maternity shots that monica did!! I havent seen the rest of them yet but I really like this one!!


Rhonda said...

I didn't know she was coming on April Fool's Day....or is that a joke??? ;) Just teasing! Can't wait!!

Summer Laney said...

I love the picture!! Can't wait for her to get here:)

Stacy said...

Oh the pic with the blocks is just adorable!! I can't wait to meet her:)

Natalie Kellett said...

Thanks girls!!!! I cant wait for you guys (and me) to meet her!!!