Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Weekend GONE

Well, Its sunday night and the weekend is gone. Lukily I did not have to work. Friday I slept until like 5pm. Of course, I worked a 12 hour shift the night before and didnt get home until 8am. It was a very slow night. I also got to work with one of my favorites making the night go by fast. Needless to say I was wide awake to do something friday night. Drew and I went to Wild Wings and then meet my cuz and her husband and baby for dinner. I love wings!!! I actually started getting tired again. I couldnt believe it. I hate when I have to work nights. It just screws up my whole schedule. We had lots of fun with them and baby Brianna was just precious. After dinner we were stuffed and came back home.

On saturday Drew is coaching upward football at our church and he had a game at 11am. His team did not win AGAIN. Allthough he keeps saying how they dont take score anyway. Bless him! I was a little bummed on saturday. I was on call and Drew got to go to the Clemson game with his dad. So a whole saturday all to my lonesome self. Ok, it wasnt that bad. I actually can get more done at times when hes not around. I had so much school work to do anyway. I studied and wrote one of my papers. Yeah!!!! I cleaned some too. That night my mom came over. I hate staying by myself and needless to say something freaked me out and I had to call her. What a great mom I have didnt even have to ask her, she offered. Well my brother and his girlfriend came over to stay the night so then my mom got to go home. Finally my husband came back to me about 1am. I was relieved and finally could sleep with my hubby with me.

Sunday we got up early and went to Ingles so I could pick up the snacks for our three year old sunday school class. Man, they sure were fussy today. Drew and I were teaching them about Thou Shalt not Steal. Well I incoporated about how God wants us to share our toys. Nobody wanted to share. They were very whiny. I had one little boy though the went around with his car toy saying "Here I share, God wants me too". I was so amazed he actually listened to what I said. Drew and I are very happy we started doing this. My husband is also going crazy wanting a child of his own. Our whole grownup sunday school class have kids. Speaking of our own Sunday School class we have something called focus on the family every week where a couple stand in front of everyone and tell about themselves. Our groups has gotten so big its hard to meet everyone. Well today was our day. Needless to say everyone and their momma decided to come. It wasnt too bad. Drew very funny and make me feel at ease. After church we went to target and then Pizza Inn. Came home both took a nap. We then went to see the house hes building. I absolutley love it and I want to live in it :( Its still just being framed so it has a while to go. We went to brewsters and got me a bannana split, went to publix to get some things and came back home.

The weekend goes by so fast. Coming up out of 9 days I have 1 day off :( I dont know how that happened. Not looking forward to it but good money anyway. Please keep us in your prayers for my being stressed out with work and trying to do this school thing again. Also with Drew and his first house his building. He has allready had to fire some people. Please pray we find a buyer for it sooner rather than later.

Oh I just wanted to brag on my hubby real quick. Last wednesday when I go off of work I came home to fall decor in my yard. He had bought two pumpkins and placed in front of our bradford pear and planted orange and white pansies. Also when I walked in no light but candles were lit all through the house. He cooked steaks and crabcakes from the fresh market along with getting some of my fav desserts from there. It was very sweet and romantic and we really needed that.

Have a great week!

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Terri said...

Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend, even though you were on call and were trying to rest up from your long hours at work. Y'all need a vacation after all these long hours of school and work!! Your hubby was sooo sweet to do some fall decorating and fixing you a candle lit dinner with your favorite desserts! What a sweetie you have :) Love ya!!!