Friday, September 28, 2007

After it has been forever since Ive wrote my own blog on here. I found time today to do so. Life is so busy and Im ready for it to settle down. Whenever that might be. So here is a list of things Ive done this week.

1. My husband and I went to church on Sunday and taught our Sunday school class to 3 year olds. It such a blessing to spread the word of God to little ones. You think they wont remember but they do. Its just so sweet when I ask them who Jesus is they all say God. Drew and I are so blessed to have an opportunity to do this every other week. We absolutly love it!!

2. We then went to our grown up Sunday School class. Slowly but surely we are learning everyones names. We love it though. We have some good friends that are in there with us.

3. I have allready worked two days this week and I have to work this whole weekend.:( Im not looking forward to it at all. I also feel bad for mising church. Too bad the hospital cant close for the day:),

4. My husband and I watched a movie the other night (Knocked Up). It was really funny and nice to just sit there and yes in our bed. It was so relazing.

5. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Sunday night we had my family over and celebrated my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary. It was so great to see a marriage last this long allready.

Happy 25th Anniversary!!

6. Cleaned our house from head to toe. It really needed it.

7.Studied, Studied and did some more Studying. Not Fun!!

8.I ate probably a whole chocolate cake. Not kidding. After my parents left sunday night they said to leave it and well I took care of the rest.

9. I went to school tuesday night for some stupid computer class. I think I know how to use a computer!!!!!

10. On one of my days off I got to sleep in to like 10. It was so great. Usually when I work I have to get up around 5:30am because I have to be at work at 6:45am.

11. I have not cooked one thing this week:( Im not the greatest cook but I at least try. My husband loves cooking so when he can he likes to do it so I usually just let him.

12. We ate at Jasons deli this week. I love it there. I could eat there everyday.

13. Today I plan on cleaning again and doing laundry. Also I have to start writing my paper. Then off to work for three days in row.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Haley Chafey said...

I hate you have to work this weekend, but I hope you have a great one! Glad you're back! :D

Terri said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you had a chance to blog! I look everyday to see if you had an opportunity to do so. You really are sooo busy so I understand that it is hard to get around to blogging! I loved your Thursday 13!! I hope you are doing great despite being so busy. By the way, we have been going to Sunday School at the church we are visiting. Isn't it cool to be in a Sunday School class with other young couples?! We love it! You're right, you can make some awesome friends there! Love ya :)