Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love sleep way to much!

Well I have had such a weird sleep schedule this week and let me tell you I sure did get my sleep today. Well, first I worked Monday and Tuesday night shift. So Tuesday I slept till 3pm but then was up and cleaning the house and headed off to work. Wed I slept till 2pm because my mom brought over my dog. So I went ahead and stayed up because I had school that night and had to work the next day shift. Well lucky me I get a call this morning and at first I thought it was work calling me to tell me that It was 705 and where was I. Yes I have a tendency of sleeping through 4 alarms..haha. (who does that?). Well actually it was like 5am and they were calling me to put me on call since we did not have enough patients for me to come in. I was like yeah!!!!! I have four days this week and would love to go back to sleep. So yes I went back to sleep. Well I got a call from Amy at 830 saying I needed to come in so I get up and take my shower and then she calls back to say no don't come in yet that patient will not be here till 2pm. Well I got ready anyway thinking I would get called in anytime now. I crawled back in the bed and slept till 130. I guess my body just needed to re cope (sp?) from my working nights. I feel lazy though :( But lucky me again theystill have not called me into work at its past 2 and now too late to call me in. So needless to say I have pretty much sleep my days away..

On another note I'm really excited because tonight were going to pick out new counter tops and then new appliances this weekend. For those that don't know my counter tops are ugly green marble like. My appliances don't work very well and so I'm very exited.

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Terri said...

I know you are excited to be getting new things for your kitchen!! Oh, and by the way, what happened to your Facebook??? Did you delete it? I was sad today when I didn't see you on there!!