Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Recap!!

Well another week and weekend has gone by. For some reason I have been so tired this week and I only had to work three days so I don't know why. Of course I worked and went to school. That's about it for the week part. Luckily the roads were not very bad Thursday when Drew had to take me to work and I was late again. I slept through 4 alarms. How do you do that? haha...

Friday night I had to go buy baby wrapping paper for two shower's on Saturday. Then I came home to ice 24 cupcakes for one of the showers. My sweet husband had to bake them for me so I wasn't up all night doing it. Saturday I went with my friends Amy and Amber to a baby shower. Did not get to stay long because we had another baby shower for a girl in our SS class at 2pm. I helped them set up a bit for that but did not stay so I could go to Brianna 1st birthday party (My cousins baby). She was just precious and definitely enjoyed getting pink icing all over her face and hands. We hung out at my cousins all day and then went and ate Denny's for dinner with them. We again were in bed early Saturday night. Sunday we were off to church for preaching and SS class. Afterwards we ate lunch with my family for my brothers 23rd birthday. I can't believe he is 23 life goes by so fast. I'm lucky to be so close to him and were only about 17 months apart. We went to my parents for a bit then came home so I could do some school work. WELL, I was so tired and instead put it off for a much need hour nap... yeah!!!! It was great. I woke in time to go back to church. Afterwards we had dinner with some friends from SS, the Louderrmilk's, The Laney's, and the Smiths. We had so much fun with them all and just getting to know them better. I thank God everyday that he has lead us to a place were we feel comfortable and want to part of. They announced today that our SS class is too big and that and its going to split up. I had mixed emotions at first but know I'm very excited about this new change. It such a blessing that were growing so fast. Our friends the Loudermilk's will be heading the class and I know that they will be doing a great job.

OK. now I'm done with this and I really, really need to do some reading but I keep procrastinating.. And that is so unlike me. Please pray for my as I have a busy and weird work schedule this week and my hubby will be out of town for the first part of the week..

Everyone have a great week! :)


Alison said...

I am glad you had a great weekend. I took a nap on Sunday instead of doing my school work as well! I am glad you had fun with your Sunday School. WE LOVE THE LANEY'S AND MISS THEM SO MUCH!

Terri said...

I hope the time that Drew is gone flies by for you! It stinks when your hubby is gone :(
That's really great that you are getting to know new friends from church. My best friend in RH goes to our church and I probably never would have met her if not for that! Can't wait to see you on Sat!!! Love ya!

Rhonda Waddell said...

I enjoyed our lunch today!! I hope your week is good even though Drew is gone.