Friday, May 2, 2008

I need to vent!!

Ok. I'm going to strangle my dog. A few weeks ago when I went to wash our bed sheets What do I find? Pee stain!! When did this happen? I have no idea. It was dry. How did I not see it before this I dont know. So needless to say I was furious and washed our entire bedding!!! Well I wake up this morning to start washing clothes and went again to was our bed sheets and ahhhhh again. Dry pee stain. The only time he is on our bed is when were asleep at night. I dont just let him up there to roam and he can't jump on our bed when were gone. So does he just get up in the middle of the night and pee and go back to bed i dont know. What do I do?? I need help. My dog is 3 years old and still wants to pee!!!! I'm a pretty neat freak and this just kills me. So I stand there and yell at him like I'm sure he know what I'm talking about. So we are taking the carpet out in the future baby's room and now guess what I cant take it anymore that we just going to have to take the carpet out of our bedroon. Its sooo embarrasing. I dont even see it when he does it!!!! Its the only option though. I dont want my carpet to smell like pee!!

Any suggestions on how to get my dog not peeing in my house. I take him out all the time and he will continue to pee inside. I love him to death but its driving me crazy!!!


Rhonda said...

Natalie I had a sweet little shih-tzu when Jake was born and that baby peed on everything!!! She was 5 years old and I could never break her. So, I'm not much help on this.
We had to get rid of her because she wasn't too fond of small children and well...if we had to choose.... :)

Haley said...

Hal and I had to do this when we brought Layla home. She would refuse to pee outside, she only wanted to pee on the carpet inside.

We would give her a treat and LOTS of praise when she would go potty outside. We were told not to acknowledge the accidents in the house. If that doesn't work, try rubbing his nose in it and crating him for a "time out" after he does it.

Call Petsmart, they helped us out a TON when we were trying to train Layla.

Elizabeth said...

On one hand, I'm a great resource on this topic (because I've been through our dog and cat doing everything possible in all parts of the house). On the other hand, I'm a terrible resource, because we haven't completely solved our problems.

I know how frustrating it is. Our animals have been peeing on our COUCH for a while. We bought a new couch a year and a half ago, because we thought we'd solved the problem, but then this one got ruined. (That's why we never have anyone over to our house.)

One thing you might consider is that a lot of times animals know when you're pregnant, so your dog might be reacting to that.

We did discover adult dog pads that you can put on the floor. They have a scent in them that the dog will pick up on and know that he's supposed to go to the bathroom there if he can't hold it. We always have one down now...just in case.

We're about to have to replace our carpet, so I'm trying to make sure she knows it's somewhat acceptable to go on the puppy pad if she can't make it through the day or whatever. I don't scold her if she goes on the pad, but I'm always sure to pop her and tell her NO if she goes anywhere other than the pad.

Good luck...I know it's no fun.

Natalie Kellett said...

thanks so much for the great responses. I have been so Mad about this. I will have to try some of yalls experiences. Thanks :)

Jennifer Goldie said...

Is he neutered? He might be "marking" if he's not neutered. I crate train my little Papillon, and he's litter trained as well. So he knows how to use a litter box, it's kind of funny. He uses the bathroom outside too but when we're gone and at night, we put him in his crate which is big enough for his litter box, and he never has accidents. I dunno if that will help, but it's something :)