Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Confused!!!!!!!

So I'm sitting here at work and my patient is so funny and sweet that I just wanted to post about it. This old little man is awake (which is unusual for my patient population) but he has demetia with alzheimers. This morning he started singing the blues for me and he is just so precious. The day started off with him pleasantly confused but when I just now came him he was half naked and trying to get out of the bed. So I have to remind him of where he is at and not to get up. It had gotten dark in the room which does not help the confused I might add. He got a little beligerant for a minute because he had to go to work to make the money. Bless his heart!! Well, he is more confused now and continues to try to get out of bed and throws his clothes off =( The only way I can get him to stay in bed is to tell him to sing. So I am sitting here listening to him sing so he does not get out of bed and end up on the floor with a head injury. This little light of mine is singing loud in my ear right now. But I have to say I guess I'm going to have to sit in this room till my shift ends. In the meantime I have a million things to do but I guess I'm going to have to entertain him for the rest of my time. But he is currently getting more anxious we speak. Oh what to do with this confused people. All I have to say his bless his heart!


Rhonda said...

How sweet and so sad that sometimes things come to that. But I'm sure as he sings he is as happy as can be! You're so patient.

Oh, I'll take some pics of my hair on my next good hair day....could be a while! ;) JK

Haley said...

Oh how funny! You are just so patient! I pray for that much patience when I become a nurse! :)

Cassie said...

Too sweet! You are a patient person to be able to do that every day!