Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick Update!

Well not to much exciting things going on in the Kellett house lately. Drew has been working like crazy and coming late =( Although, I have been working more too since he is gone. I mine as well make some money if he is not at home. Our yard is in need of some rain. He teases us all the time. I will hear the thunder and see the lightning but never a drop at our house. I think it just decides to skip over it. I just can't believe it's July already. I know it sounds crazy but I'm ready for fall anyway! My favorite time of year.

It sounds like most of you guys had a good 4th. We did too. We went to Drew's dad and laid out at his new pool. We had ribs, barbeque and much more sides. I was defintely stuffed! We decided to not go watch fireworks because I had to be up at 530 to go to work so we went home about 7 and watched Ramboo (sp?) It was actually good and Drew couldn't believe that I liked it. Sunday was a lounge day. Then I was off mon and tues. So I had lunch with my dear friend Abby and baby meg who is just precious and just soo big! For dinner last night we cooked out with our dear friends the Hamrick's and Howard's. We had steak and shrimp and some homemade peach cobbler that Jenny made. It was wonderful. We had such a great time but then it was late and we all realized we had to get up early the next day. So I'm work now and thought I would do a quick update of whats going on in our lives this week. Just another week of work! =(

Have a great rest of the week.



Terri said...

Girl, I agree! I enjoy the summer every year, but at this point, I am ready for fall!! It's my favorite season, too! Glad y'all had a great 4th! Missed getting to see y'all! But we will make it happen soon :) Tell Drew we say hi... y'all don't work too hard!Love ya!!

Natalie Kellett said...

Yeah, I'm so ready for the fall. I know it sounds kindof crazy though. I'm glad you guys had fun while in town. Love ya bunches.