Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13 of my favorite places to eat!!!

1. Ice Cream and Coffee Beans (Rhonda we need to go again:)
2. Cooper River Grill
3. Hickory Tavern (They have good fish there)
4. Pizza Inn (Not too crazy about the new ones though)
5. Zaxby's
6. Olive Garden
7. Olive Tree (In duncan)
8. The Italian Market (been a couple of years since I've been here though)
9. Outback (mmm. blooming onions)
10. McAlisters (Actually probably my #1)
11. Myabi's (This was our Valentine dinner on Monday night;they have good sushi).
12. Steak N' Ale (Great prime rib there and salad bar).
13. Red Lobster (I absolutly love shrimp;that is usually what I order anywhere)
14.Wild Wings (I really do love some wings in ranch dressing; yes I'm a dipper. I dip everything even my steaks- I have to have ketchup for them. yes I'm southern)
15.Monterry's (Love Mexican and the cheese dip)

Ok I got carried away and did have to add two more places. This was fun to think about my favorite places to eat.


Terri said...

We share so many of the same favorites!! Must be why we make such good friends for one another! I want to try that Hickory Tavern place. Tyler and I will have to come down soon and meet y'all for dinner there! Hope you are doing great! Love ya girl :)

Rhonda Waddell said...

Wow that made me hungry!! So many good places to little time. :)