Thursday, February 28, 2008

13 Things I must do in the next 3 months for my girls weddings.

1. Go to Lisa's shower at Julies in a couple of weeks

2. Organize and host Lisa's bridal shower along with some other girls at Walnut Lane Inn in April

3. Then go to Jess's two shower in columbia. Luckily there on the same day so only one trip.

4. Find shoes with lisa for my dress.

5.Organize and host Lisa's bachlorette party. I have no idea what to do for it. Any ideas???

6. Get all their presents for their showers. I need to get on the ball though.

7. Work TONS of overtime to pay for all of this.:)

8. Give Jessica her lawn and garden shower that we will have at Lisa's. I'm so glad none are at my house. Now I don't have to worry about cleaning and just let my house get as dirty as I want it :)

9. Find shoes for Jess's wedding. Hopefully she will let me wear my shoes from Lisa's wedding... NO HEELS!!! I'm tall enough as it is :(

10. Book our room for Columbia for Jess's wedding.

11. Get my hair cut and highlighted for both weddings.

12. Go hang out with Jess since I am not going to her bachlorette party.

13. After all these weddings May 10th and June 7th. I will relax for a little while until I have another wedding I'm in. I guess come soon it will be all Baby Showers :) Maybe sooner rather than later ;)
Everyone have a great Weekend.. Love..

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