Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My favorite Wedding Memories

It just seems like so long ago we were married. I just like to relive those times everyday. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy

so happy to be going to mexico.

My bestest lisa catching the bouquet!

so we think we can dance.

can't have a wedding without a clemson garter!

The cutting of our red velvet cake.. yummy!

Our first dance.

My best friend.

The ceremony was more than I ever dreamed of.

My little flower girls were precious and just so beautiful!
My bridesmaids. I just love all of them..
I love this pic with both our hands and the back of my dress.

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Corrie said...

Hey Natalie! Glad to see you have a blog. I'll put a link to yours on my site so I can visit your page. Steph and I email randomly, but I haven't seen her since right after the baby came.